Prince “Syndicate” Another Lonely Christmas Japanese promo

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Prince / Syndicate

In MINT condition , sleeve has no writing, bends or dings. It’s perfect !!


Warner PS – 1025
Description: This is scarce Japan PROMO ONLY 7” ( released in the mid 1980’s ) of Price. The PS is envelope in shape, with its top edge open. It shows “Japanese description of each track” on its back-side, while the front side shows lovely dove. The PS and disc do not have its cat. number, but the inner-groove of each disc shows “PS – 1025 – 1( 2 )”. The disc includes a track on Side A and 7 tracks on Side B ( See following track-list ). It’s hard to find this copy in any condition nowadays. Scarce item from Japan to serious collector.

Side A: Another lonely Christmas

Side B: Sheila E introducing The Belle of St. Mark, Apollonia’s message to Japan, Apollonia introducing Sex Shooter, Apollonia introducing Blue Limousine, Apollonia introducing Happy Birthday Mr. Christian, Prince introducing purple rain